Nelly Zafeiriades

ELT School Advisor at Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Eastern Macedonia -Thrace, Region of Thrace

«It is not instruction, but provocation that I can most accept from another soul» said Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer and poet  (1803-1882).

What I have attempted to offer in this website is not instruction but provocation, though provocation and challenge of the positive kind  for  those involved in second [L2]  and foreign language learning, teaching and teacher education so as to:
-stimulate the critical thought processes
-spur them  to self-reflective action that is grounded in situational and cultural understanding of their  own learning and teaching environment
-urge them to go beyond the limited and limiting concept of ‘method’ and the dichotomy between theory and practice.

This website  also reflects :
-a heightened  awareness that teacher education models that merely transmit a body of interested  knowledge do not produce necessarily effective teaching professionals
-an awareness that teacher belief systems and teacher cognition play a crucial role in shaping and  reshaping the content and the character of the practice of actual teaching.